Origin Story

So why Time To Krill?

Once upon a time, before I performed comedy, I did impro (or improv. Or improvisational theatre for those who abhor abbreviation). Like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and others less suitable as my role models, I cut my comedy teeth on impro first.

(actual time may vary)
The classes were mostly guys, like comedy in general. Some of those guys I remain friends with. I also became awesome friends with fellow female Rujing Zhou. We began doing karaoke, playing ukelele badly, making fun of each other and in the process of it all, making jokes. She was self-confessedly lazy and annoyed me by chain smoking. I was a bossy overachiever which was likely just as annoying, though less carcinogenic. Despite our differences, we bonded over comedy.

Rujing and I worked up the courage to do standup together for the first time, and we rocked. Or rather - we didn't bomb so badly as to not do it again. She was my first comedy partner. Until she abandoned me to move to Dubai. Well, I suppose I moved to Chiang Mai at roughly the same time. Come to think of it, I'd moved to Melbourne several months before either of us left Australia, so maybe I abandoned her first.

In our voyages to find comedy gold we sailed through much ridiculous lameness. We were in a pharmacy one day and Rujing saw krill oil. She made a joke about it. I mocked her lame pun.

Then, the next day, Sarah Schaefer tweeted this:
Sarah Schaefer and Nikki Glaser were bigger comedians than Rujing and I, but Rujing had beaten Sarah to the krill. I conceded to Rujing my mistake. As well as its serious responsibility underpinning the marine food chain, krill is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and puns.

I killed much time meandering around Adelaide making jokes with Rujing before working up the courage to quit my job and move to Melbourne. Whereas I've gone on to do more standup and improvisational comedy shows, Rujing quit comedy, even though she's funnier than me. So this page is designed to honour her.

And to guilt her back into it.

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